Become our Guest DJ!

Hey there fellow hardstyler!

We are The Conspiracy Podcast, and we would like to invite you for a place in our podcast!

Here is what you’ve gotta do!

Here are the requirements for the contestants of our podcast:

* It’s required that you are active as a DJ for over 1 year

* You’re willing to promote our Facebook page, and also like/repost/share the podcast through Mixcloud/Soundcloud/LSDB

* Write a bio about yourself including the address of your Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Facebook pages

Requirements for your entry podcast:

* Your set must be 320 kbps, MP3 format

* Make sure to send in your mix before the deadline! (this is very important for planning, checking and promote)

* Good mixing skills are a hard demand!

* Genre of your set must be: hardstyle / raw hardstyle / hardcore

Please keep in mind that hardcore sets will always be set for the last part of the podcast!

* Tracklist must be included at all times!

* Podcast must be send through WeTransfer ( Send it to:

* Only podcasts with these requirements will be accepted!

What’s allowed in your set?

* Your own productions/tracks are more than welcome in our podcast! Promote yourself and our podcast!

Where will our podcast be published?

* All of our podcast will be published at:

– Mixcloud

– Liveset Database (

– Facebook page of our podcast

What will be added by us in your podcast:

* Jingles (for promotional purposes of our podcast)

* Intro with your DJ name and the name of our podcast

Fill in the form below!



Good Luck!